Boost your financial Health with SavvyMoney

At Arize, we understand the pivotal role that financial health plays in your life. That’s why we’ve partnered with SavvyMoney to bring you a suite of powerful tools and resources designed to elevate your financial well-being.

Unlock the Power of Your Credit Score

Your credit score is more than just a number – it’s a key to unlocking financial opportunities. With SavvyMoney, we empower you to take control of your credit journey, providing you with insights, resources, and personalized solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.

What SavvyMoney Offers:

  • Comprehensive Credit Reports: Access detailed insights into your credit history, allowing you to track your financial progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Credit Score Monitoring: Stay informed with real-time updates on changes to your credit score, helping you make informed financial decisions.
  • Educational Resources: Whether you’re new to credit or a seasoned pro, Savvy Money offers educational resources and tools to enhance your financial literacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is free. SavvyMoney does not require credit card information to register.

You can enroll through our online and mobile banking app. Click the SavvyMoney tab and follow the prompts.

Yes. A “Start A Dispute” button on the Credit Report page files a dispute with TransUnion.

Yes. Three major credit reporting bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and Transunion—and two scoring models—FICO or VantageScore—determine credit scores. Financial institutions use different bureaus, as well as their scoring models. Over 200 factors of a credit report may be considered when calculating a score, and each model may weigh credit factors differently. Hence, no scoring model is completely identical but should directionally be similar.

No. Checking credit score on Credit Score is a “soft inquiry” which does not affect your credit score.

Every 24 hours.

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