Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Effective May 10, 2022.

No Fee Services

ATM (Arize Machines)No Fee to Members
Bill PayNo Fee
Direct Deposit or Withdrawal



No Fee


Signature only

No Fee
Essential Checking Accounts


No fees/no minimum balance/no per check charge

No Fee
Online Banking


Transactions – 24 hours a day

No Fee
E-statementsNo Fee
Teller TransactionsNo Limit/ No Fee
Mastercard® Credit CardNo Fee
Safe Deposit Boxes


Annual fee for available sizes



No Fee



No Fee



No Fee



No Fee

Fee Services

Returned Item Fee$25.00 per item
Bad Address Fee$3.00 per month
Paper Statement Fee

There is no fee imposed for using e-statements
$1.50 per month
Domestic Wire Transfer Incoming$5.00 per item
Domestic Wire Transfer Outgoing$10.00 per item
International Wire Transfer Incoming$10.00 per item
International Wire Transfer Outgoing$25.00 per item
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

The NSF/Courtesy Pay fee applies to overdrafts created by check, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

Dormant Account

The Dormant Account fee is charged annually on December 31st if the account is not used within a 24-month period.