Text Banking

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Utilize text banking to quickly request and receive account information on the go. You can also set up text transfer codes to promptly move funds between your savings and checking account. It is another convenient way you can bank at the speed of life! Enjoy the immediate response time of text banking:

  • Receive account balance information, eAlerts to notify you of ACH withdrawals or deposits, loan payment due dates, and more.
  • Set up transfer codes to send funds between your checking or savings account
  • Send a text to make a loan payment

Text Banking FAQ

How do I enroll in text banking?

  • Log in to It’sMe247 Online Banking on your desktop.
  • Click on Go Mobile! at the top toolbar.
  • Click on More Information under Text Banking.
  • Follow the screen prompts to enroll your phone number and set up various alerts.

How do I set up text banking transfer codes?

  • Log in to It’sMe247 Online Banking on your desktop.
  • Navigate to the Go Mobile tab and select More Information under the Text Banking option.
  • Click the Transfer Commands button to set up your transfer options.
  • Select the Transfer From account and the Transfer To account and assign a Quick Code name.

Once you have completed your transfer code set-up, text TRANS and your Transfer Quick Code to IM247 to perform that specific transfer command. You can create transfer codes tailored to your individual needs, such as regular transfers, one-time transfers for large purchases, or making a transfer to pay your loan.

What is the number I should use to send a text prompt?

Once you are enrolled, send text message prompts to IM247 (46247). Available prompts include:

  • BAL: Get account balances for up to three account types.
  • Bal + Account Type Code: Get account balance for a specific account type. Specific account type codes can be found on your statement or by logging in to It’sMe247 Online Banking.
  • TRANS + Transfer Quick Code: Perform a specific transfer command that you have set up.
  • STOP: Turn off all text banking messages.

To view a list of text prompts, log in to It’sMe247 Online Banking and navigate to Go Mobile. Click on More Information under the Text Banking option, then click on Personalized Command List to view your available prompts.

How long does it take to get a text message back?

You should receive a message within a couple of seconds, but it could take up to two minutes. The exact timing depends on your mobile service carrier.

Will I be charged for text banking?

Arize offers free text banking. While we do not charge, your mobile phone carrier may charge for message and data rates. Please check with your carrier to determine possible charges.

How secure is text banking?

The It’sMe247 Text Banking service is secure and safe to use. You can activate the service only when you are securely logged into your online banking account. Text messages will never contain confidential information about you or your accounts. Additionally, messages will never contain full account numbers.

How do I unenroll from text banking?

Simply text STOP to IM247 (46247) on your enrolled mobile phone, or you can log in to It’sMe247 Online Banking and return to the text banking screen to unenroll your phone number. You can add a new phone at any time if you change your mind later.