Term Share Certificate

Term Share Certificate

Add a boost of confidence and dividends to your savings plan with a fixed-rated certificate. Certificates earn a higher dividend rate than regular savings in fixed ratios. You always know what to expect from your savings, so you can plan accordingly.

You pick the terms and always know your returns. Saving that you control—that’s the refreshing power of a certificate.

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Certificate Details:

  • In keeping with our philosophy of inspiring people to change the way they think about their finances, they are no monthly service charges and no early withdrawal penalties for our certificates.
  • High market dividend rate
  • Dividends may be transferred to other Arize checking or savings accounts each quarter or upon maturity
  • Fixed interest rates for guaranteed savings
  • A wide range of terms
  • Less risky than other investments
  • $500 or $1,000 minimum deposit to open, depending on the length of the term