Online Banking FAQ

How do I get online banking?

  • If you recently joined Arize, you’ll have 24 hours from the time of opening your membership to log in using the temporary username and password that was provided to you at account opening. For your security, you must contact us to reset your password after 24 hours. We’re all about protecting our members’ information.
  • If you are a first-time user of online banking please visit It’sMe247 Online Banking and select First Time User. You will need your member number and social security number to sign in for the first time.

How do I reset my online banking username and password?

  • If you have exceeded the number of login attempts and your account is locked, you must call us to reset your password.
  • If you have never logged in before, you will also need to call us to verify your account and obtain a temporary username and password.

Can I update my contact information in online banking?

  • You can submit change requests to your contact information within online banking. Some changes may require verification, and we will contact you for additional information.
    • Log in to It’sMe247 Online Banking on your desktop.
    • Navigate to the Info Center tab
    • Under My Preference, choose Personal Information
    • Click Edit My Information to update your record
    • After making your changes, click Update My Information

How do I update my contact preferences within online banking?

  • You can choose how you want us to contact you by setting your contact preference to Email, Online Banking Message, or phone in online banking. Periodically, Arize sends important account information to our members via email. It is important for you to allow Arize to continue to send any education, alerts, announcements, or outreach information, so you can stay informed.
    • Log in to It’sMe247 Online Banking on your desktop
    • Navigate to the Info Center tab
    • Under Info Center, choose Contact Preference
    • Choose your preferred contact method by expanding the drop-down option
    • DO NOT place a checkmark in the first checkbox if you wish to continue to receive communication from Arize
    • Click Save Preferences

Can I update my mailing address in online banking?

  • You can change an address within online banking. We may require you to provide documentation to verify your new address.
    • Log in to It’sMe247 Online Banking on your desktop
    • Navigate to the Info Center tab
    • Under My Preference, choose Personal Information
    • Select Edit My Information, then update the required address information select Update My Information.

Can I view my other Arize accounts in online banking?

  • If you have multiple accounts you are joint on, you can request See/Jump access to switch between your other accounts without having to log out and back in again. Your other account must be set up with online banking access. Please contact us to set up See/Jump access on your accounts.

Can I transfer between my multiple Arize accounts?

  • If you have multiple accounts that you would like to transfer funds between please contact us. You will need to be on both accounts to transfer between them.